Shopping And Restaurants In Peniscola: Are They Open In The Winter?


Peniscola city has quite a several shops and restaurants. You will have a vast number of them to choose from, but of course, not all of them operate during winter. You will have ample time here in eating and shopping in any of them, depending on your budget.

Goa restaurant Cocina India- A restaurant is offering great Indian food and very welcoming and polite staff.

La noria parrilla. Offers the best burger ever, I would recommend this place if you long for a good burger.

Restaurant EI pescador Ermitano - you will get some fantastic seafood and has the best food in Peniscola.

Sebastian en Perl Blanca - offers some cream Moroccan, and pork ionic with wild mushroom sauce.

Bar Muralla & Tasca "al Masset"- with quality traditional Spanish food.


When you are in Peniscola, you are assured of a reliable means of transport.  You can opt to use a car to travel between the airport and Peniscola. Well, in the vehicle boarded, you will be required to have at most two bags. If you have a personal car, parking isn't a problem, and on top of that, it’s free to park during winter. There are many places you can hire a car if you don’t have a personal one.

For the sun birds who like other means of travelling, trains are available. You will be able to travel between different places without any challenge. A railway station serves Peniscola at Benicarlo 5km and at Vinarios 8 km, which is relatively cheaper following European standards. However, it is always advisable to have your ticket in advance to avoid last minutes rush and frustrations.

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Here are some facts about transport in Peniscola.

The minimum cost in case you want to rent a car is $45 per day.

The cheapest rental car from Valencia airport is $6.

The most popular rental car type is the minivan.


The winter in Peniscola has been one of the coldest in present memory but fortunate enough, you don’t have to get worried as there are hospitals and doctors near the port, and a regional hospital at Vinaros. However, since Peniscola is predominantly Spanish, English is not so widely spoken by these doctors Pharmacies are always the best for dispensing medicines in case of any emergencies or minor ailment.


Peniscola has plenty of apartments and rentals for sun-seekers to use during their wintering in Peniscola. You can rent a four-bedroom, two bathrooms with as little as $284 per night.

Also, there are rental rooms with one bedroom, one bathroom going at $136 per night. It all depends on your pocket. But there is no shortage of accommodation provided you make an early booking to avoid inconveniences.

Winter Camping

Peniscola has a significant and positive experience with snowbirds when it comes to wintering.   Sun-seekers have more than just reasons to keep living in Spain. Peniscola offers camping services minding the financial status of their sun-seekers. Peniscola ensures full outdoor enjoyment of snowbirds through things such as campground or RV camp, sleep under the stars in a cabin or bungalow, pre-mounted tents or caravan. In Peniscola, clients get the communal kitchen, bathroom, and recreational amenities and reception desk taking care of the incoming and outgoing sun birds.

Among the camps to find in Peniscola include:

Camping bungalow soi D'or located 3 km from the centre of Peniscola, offering leisure facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool.

Camping Los Pinos located in Peniscola in the costa del Azahar offering air conditions bungalows and a seasonal outdoor swimming pool.

Bungalows are camping Ferrer. That are 600 meters from Peniscola beaches and a 15-minutes’ walk from the castle and marina. 


There are several locations in Peniscola for the snowbirds with campers or motorhome. Here is a list of some that we have prepared for you.

Camping EI Cid found in a scenic seaside resort on the costal del Azahar with excellent restaurants, terrace bars, and adults outdoor pool, and a free car wash.

Camping l’Orangeraie suitable for family friends located just a kilometre from the small town of Calig. A distance of 20-minutes drives from Peniscola and costa del Azahar beaches with a garden filled the site with bar, bikes for hire, outdoor pool.

Maestrat Park - it is a camp located between orange blossom cost and Serra D'irta. It has a gym for keeping fit, a large pool, a reading room, and a library. In it also there is a restaurant serving Spanish dishes and Friday fish and chips.


Good location


Explanation: Peniscola is the location to be for the snowbirds and is the best place to be for one spending winter.

Quit or busy


Explanation: not quiet as the place is ever busy during winter, so most probably will busy.



Explanation: some chance of cold but not that much. I mean it favorable

Things to see at the location


Explanation: adventure in Peniscola is yet to be matched as there is plenty much to discover there.

Things to see near Peniscola


Explanation: Peniscola will amaze you.

With a distant view or close view, you will always have a reason to smile.

Activities for visitors in the winter



Activities in Peniscola are many and surprising at the same time. You will find a lot to do there.

Shopping in the winter


Explanation: several shops to do your shopping are found here to cater to everyone’s wants.

Restaurants in the winter


Explanation: such many them for every kind of meal you will feel like to take.



Explanation: enough of them offering all kinds of treatment, including surgery.



Explanation: there are hospitals in Peniscola. With doctors speaking Spanish and less English as Peniscola is a Spanish city.



Explanation: dentists in Peniscola are in large numbers such that you are always in a dilemma to choose one to take care of your teeth.



Explanation: there is just one though it is a short distance from Peniscola.



Explanation: there is one railway station in Peniscola



Explanation: there are buses but offering one line service only.